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Painting, rehab, rain gardens and street cleanups…our volunteers have been invaluable to the Lower Ninth Ward’s sustainable recovery! Young and old, skilled or unskilled, spring breakers, software engineers, healthcare professionals, teachers, architects and more – they are still coming, year-round, from across North America and the world.


They have become vital to the Lower 9th Ward’s steady recovery – working year-round on homes, storefronts and churches to restore the Lower 9 to what once was…and create the foundations for what could be. CSED continues to welcome volunteers every week for one, two, three days and more of perhaps the hardest, dirtiest…and most memorable…experiences of their lives. A chance to make a real difference. To work directly with homeowners, pastors and community leaders. To fully appreciate the Lower 9’s welcoming culture and traditions while helping to shape the future of one of America’s great historic communities. Whether tackling sheetrock or roof repairs, from painting to carpentry to yard work and building rain gardens, our volunteers have done it all: church floors, playgrounds, community center windows, fences, sidewalks, abandoned lots, gardens and more.

After more than ten years, CSED has hosted nearly 10,000 committed volunteers providing more than 70,000 service hours to returning residents of the Lower 9. Volunteers arrive as individuals and in groups: from grade schools, large and small companies, colleges and universities, community groups, non-profits, many faith denominations, even whole families. There is still so much more work to be done – and yet the signs of our volunteer accomplishments are everywhere! See their amazing stories and photos.

Becoming a CSED volunteer is easy – and we’re looking for both skilled and unskilled people and groups. Please read through our Signup Process for more details.

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