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Food, Water, Shelter. That’s our primary focus as an organization, in revitalizing the Lower Ninth Ward as a safer, more resilient place to live and work while celebrating the community’s unique history and voice within New Orleans culture. Environmental justice. A sound neighborhood economy. And affordable home ownership that preserves tradition while taking advantage of low cost, energy-efficient green technologies. To achieve this, CSED offers resources and expertise toward helping residents,, institutions and places of business rebuild as part of a sustainable community.

To further aid community-wide goals, the Lower 9th Ward CSED has identified three key Strategic Initiatives that drive our programs:

Food Security: Providing residents with access to all types of fresh, affordable food via community gardens, local markets and other urban agriculture programs.

Natural Environment: Efforts to protect and restore area waterways – from river to bayou – integral to a healthy ecosystem, green space, recreation and as an effective community storm barrier.

Built Environment: Rebuilding homes, schools, churches, businesses, parks and streets better than before – as vibrant, enduring spaces within a carbon neutral community.

Just as important, CSED remains committed to engaging our most precious resource – people – through:

Volunteer Coordination: The work of hundreds of volunteers each month has accelerated the difficult and often costly process of returning families to their homes.

Community Involvement: Through local forums, outings  and projects like creating the Bayou Platform, we’re helping residents reconnect with their community and their natural environment.

Community Resource: The CSED has a range of useful information – from our Lower 9th Ward Resource Guide and Tour Map, to important city and neighborhood contacts, homeownership opportunities and volunteer services.