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Special Projects

There’s always, always, something new happening at CSED – a new initiative, a big announcement, another step closer to realizing our community’s vision of creating a safer, healthier, economically vibrant and more sustainable place. We celebrate another homeowner back in the Lower 9. Another park or playground reopened. Plans for a new school, an entire block brightened up thanks to volunteers, signs of life in the bayou or an old community garden producing fresh fruits and vegetables again.

At the Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development, every month brings some new surprise. We continue to work on residents’ behalf to help guide the community’s ongoing recovery in an environmentally just manner – meeting their needs for food security, energy independence and sound development practices every step of the way.

  • CSED remains an advocate of bringing healthy, affordable fresh produce and other household goods and services to the Lower 9 – an initiative we continue to pursue through a Green Grocery proposal and the development of an urban farm.
  • We spearheaded creation of Pam’s Place, named in honor of CSED founder Pam Dashiell – a landscape depot, community garden and wetlands restoration exhibit at Make It Right.
  • We’ve partnered with UNO on Connect the 9, a comprehensive study and proposed to the city on ways to improve pedestrian and bicycling safety across the St. Claude Avenue bridge.
  • We are growing 1200 cypress trees in our Wetlands Nursery to be planted throughout the coastal wetlands of the Gulf Coast.
  • And we are leading conceptual design and community input for the L9 Waterfront Project, a plan to repurpose the warehouse district bordering the Mississippi River into a thriving, multi-use development.

Celebrate with us!