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This is your community organization! In the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Lower 9 residents created CSED to support and lead a sustainable restoration on behalf of all members of our community. Achieving that means aiding homeowners with energy-saving improvements or providing access to low-cost materials. Helping residents clean, restore and paint their houses. Reducing blight in our neighborhoods. Building rain gardens to manage storm water runoff. And providing useful information on creating a safer, independent, more resilient community for the future are all a part of a day’s work at the CSED.

Chances are, you’ve noticed a CSED staffer or volunteer working somewhere in the Lower 9 (check out those bright green t-shirts!) or seen our white pickup drive by with the bright green CSED logo on the side. We’re often giving tours, working at the bayou and attending just about every community meeting in the Lower Ninth Ward. But that’s not all:

We have volunteers, lots of volunteers: Skilled, unskilled – and all hardworking…they’re ready to assist homeowners, businesses, churches and other institutions with inside and outside projects.

We offer valuable resources: Community Mapping, the Lower 9 Tour Guide, info on pedestrian and bicycling safety, our Lower 9 Resource Guide, and more – all available to new and returning residents.

We provide energy-efficiency and rebuilding services: Radiant barrier installations, weatherization assistance, and Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) testing, and more – to reduce your energy costs.

We keep the Lower 9 informed: Through our weekly Lower 9 News email newsletter, neighborhood meetings, and Facebook page – CSED wants to help residents stay up-to-date on every opportunity and the challenges they face.