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Built Environment

Revitalizing the Lower Ninth Ward begins with thousands of flood-damaged homes and businesses – to ensure they become healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient places to live and work. That community-wide focus extends to making our streets, parks, schools and gathering places safer and more sustainable as well.

Creating one of the nation’s first carbon-neutral communities: house by house, block by block. What the flooding – due to the failure of the federal levee system after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita – didn’t wash away, it destroyed with mold and mud, laying waste to thousands of Lower 9th Ward buildings, yards and streets. Lives were lost; whole neighborhoods gone. Those structures left standing had to be gutted, roofs repaired, appliances replaced, the floors, walls and ceilings completely rebuilt. And when people started returning – they had to begin again, day after day, to restore their lives and those of their families and friends.

Recovery here means more than simply getting things back to normal. CSED recognizes an unprecedented opportunity to build back green – to incorporate many energy-efficiency measures that could dramatically lower energy costs for homeowners. Energy independence is core to our vision of more resilient community, realized through a growing number of solar panels on rooftops everywhere. Today, the Lower 9 now has the largest concentration of LEED Platinum homes in the world, thanks to Make It Right, Global Green and others.

Ensuring the Lower 9 becomes a model of smart energy calls for a unique combination of new technology, conservation and community involvement. In 2007, CSED initiated low-cost radiant barrier installations and other weatherization services to help residents reduce energy usage. We continue to lead property blight, neighborhood beautification and street clean-up efforts. And our GIS property mapping campaign promises to keep all Lower 9 residents better informed of neighborhood developments.

Conserve with us!