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Reduce your energy usage, upgrade your home – and “green-up” the Lower Ninth Ward! CSED’s radiant barrier program provides Lower 9 homeowners with an affordable, highly energy-efficient solution – designed to save energy, increase comfort and perfect for New Orleans’ tropical climate. With more than 135 radiant barriers already in place to date, CSED offers low-cost attic installations to property owners community wide. Residents also receive a free home energy assessment and HVAC duct system inspection. If needed, ducts will be sealed at no additional charge.

The attic of a house gets extremely hot, especially in the summer, even reaching temperatures of over 140 degrees. The radiant barrier is construction grade aluminum foil that can be stapled to the rafters of your attic to lessen this effect, increase your comfort, and save you money on your utility bill! The radiant barrier we install is rated to reflect 97% of radiant heat thereby lowering an attic’s temperature by up to 30 degrees.  This prevents the house from getting too hot, and makes it easier for your air conditioner to cool the house. The Department of Energy also advises that “In the winter, radiant barriers can reduce indoor heat losses through the ceiling, especially during winter nights when the roof surface is coldest.” Energy savings are approximately 10% annually and greenhouse gas reductions are substantial…good for you and for Mother Earth! If we seal your ductwork, additional energy savings of up to 25% can be gained.

A radiant barrier can be installed at any time, before or after your house is renovated and occupied.  All you need is a roof in good condition.

To get started, fill out this Online Radiant Barrier Sign Up Form. Or download a Radiant Barrier Factsheet & Sign Up Form!

Call Kathy Muse at 939-9028 or 324-9955 for more information or come to CSED’s office at 5130 Chartres St., New Orleans LA 70117.